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A website is a great way to reach out to the world and show off your product or services to them. But, Just any website… approach will rarely do the need full. In the present day web-dominated world, it is your website that must first reflect your innovative skills and brilliant ideas. Your web design is your first impression that opens doors for your business. A great web design cannot escape sight of inquisitive minds in look out for brilliant work and outstanding results.

Kleward has over five years of web designing experience that has worked magic for a broad range of customers – big or small, Indian or International – leading lights in far-reaching industries like food, fashion, travel, education, technology, real-estate, online stores and many more. Our design experts know how to create simple, elegant yet awesome design with new age concept and suited to the specific industry.

Web Design

An awesome design conveys exact message in a presentable manner that is eye-candy to the viewer. Kleward – ‘abode of exclusive web designs’ takes complete care of this.

  • We create innovative and captivating designs that convert your business dreams into visual realities
  • We ensure flexible designs driven by latest concepts & technology
  • We make professional designs with appropriate look and feel and easy navigation
  • We create best possible customized designs to improve your market impact

Responsive Web Design

We believe that user should get the same web experience irrespective of the device he puts his hands on. This is accomplished by developing website that automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device used to view it. We specialize in creating Responsive Web Design to give you more appealing experience.

  • We ensure that your site user gets a consistent experience on all devices whether desktop, tablet or smart phone.
  • We incorporate responsive designs keeping performance in mind. We understand that a web design meant for desktop must be optimized before deemed perfect to view on a tablet or mobile.
  • We focus carefully on the requirements of a device user. We make intelligent design layout for each device dimension so that the user gets a great viewing experience on all devices.

Mobile Application Design

Smart phones have brought a new era in web designing. Web designers no more struggle to rebuild elements to take your web design to fit all screen sizes. Our web designers have quickly adapted to technological advancements.

  • We provide faster and responsive designs at reasonable costs.
  • We approach logical designing. We start by gathering information on who the target audiences are and how will they respond to a type of mobile application.
  • We focus on optimizing mobile designs. For us, mobile designing is not a rush-through strategy but a well-planned practice.
  • We ensure our layout gives you a smooth navigation. There is no scope for application failure.
  • We do not compromise on performance.

CMS Theme Design

Regularly to-be updated sites are based on CMS. You can have total control over the content of a CMS-based website. Whether it is a blog or news or any other often to be replaced content, we give you the best layout.

  • We create customized themes or create new ones to suit your business needs.
  • We ensure that both content and designs are captivating.
  • We emphasize dynamism in CMS design so that all the elements have scope for future changes.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are designed to give site users a quick and special focus on the relevant content.

  • We focus on planned structure for interactive web designing so that user queries are immediately attended to.
  • We ensure reliable services through systematic testing to give you error-free product.
  • We design your landing pages with utmost planning to give you the best returns on your efforts.

Logo Design

A logo gives recognition to a product. Our designers have expertise in giving you smart and logical designs to boost your business plans, which also includes designing the best logo.

  • We value your goals & dedication and make best efforts to give you a strong branding.
  • We follow complete standards and create smart designs that appeal the latest trends.
  • We ensure scalable designs which maintains clarity and perfection with change in size.
  • We strive to give you unique logo designs that reflect our commitment to excel.


PSD to HTML is one of the great ways to make websites. Before the dawn of CSS3, it was in fact in great demand.

  • Our designers can easily create code to match to your  design mockup.
  • Our designers have good expertise in using your visual aid to discuss your ideas and code the appropriate HTML.