Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development of

To balance increasing global competition, we at Kleward provide the flexibility to work with global team qualified in managing projects across the world and in multiple regions.

Software Outsourcing

At Kleward, we help businesses to focus on their core area of working and define success for them by providing IT outsourcing. We offer end-to-end software solution ranging from concept development to integration. We have a dedicated team of experts that focuses solely on high-value and timely delivered software development outsourcing. We provide you access to a pool of talented, trained and highly skilled individuals proficient at delivering robust yet cost-effective solutions. We offer fully integrated software design, development, and testing with the highest degree of control with the client.

Custom Software Development

We offer development of professional software services as per business requirements. We extend support to our clients by analyzing their business need and draft the best possible solution within all possible constraints; this is where our strength is remarkable. Our vast experience in custom software development services and offshore application development services allows us to deliver effective solutions that strike to the heart of business problems.

Software Testing /QA Services                                                                   

We employ highly skilled and experienced Quality-Assurance team to ensure that the delivery is driven by quality. We follow agile methodology and involve clients at frequent durations during the entire development life cycle. This helps us to understand the requirements and changes on very early age.

We also acquire core testing projects.