Design Services Technology

Design Services Technology of

Web Design and Applications are based on standards for building and rendering web pages. Implementing those standards using expertise of design artisans, Kleward puts the best foot forward.  Kleward strives to give the ultimate look to your business ideas.

Scripting and Programming Languages

We use the updated and fundamental technology for building web pages – XHTML, HTML, HTML5 for structure and CSS, CSS3 for style & layout. All the design standards followed by us are W3C compliant. We create web pages using JavaScript as the scripting language and dynamic web pages using DHTML and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

Standard Graphic Designing Tools

Graphics is fundamental to the strength of your brand. It may make or mar the branding of your company. We use the latest graphic design tools to enhance user experience and deliver the best visual representation of your content. Our team of design experts creates highly functional and appealing websites using

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended
  • Dream weaver CS5
  • Macromedia Flash CS5 Professional
  • Gif Animator
  • Illustrator CS5 Extended

Mobile Web Technology

W3C has set standards for designing web applications which focus on the specificities of mobile devices. We create innovative mobile designs optimized to face the challenges of network cost/delays and memory/CPU limitations. We cater to your Web-based mobile applications using

  • CSS Mobile
  • SVG Tiny
  • XHTML for Mobile