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Mobile Application Technology of

The mobile users are increasing day by day and 80% of the time on mobile is spent in using apps. Subsequently, there are significant advantages in focusing development resources on Web applications accessible over the mobile network. We help businesses reach their targeted audience by developing a range of mobile applications like android, iOS and on cross platform.

Android: We love Android. Supports large number of applications and makes life comfortable!

Google Android OS is the most widely used OS. It is based on Linux with Java as the programming interface. The emulator of the Android platform has modern design and easy to use.

It allows Android developers to write managed code by means of Google-developed Java libraries. Our developers know how to provide the best support on Android OS. We know just how to best utilize the dynamic functionality of Android and develop customized applications tailored specifically for you.  The ease of incorporating animations, input capturing and various controls in Android applications has encouraged innovations among our developers.

iOS : Aid for giving quick and stable applications!

iOS operating system that runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices provides tools and interfaces to develop, install, run and test native apps. The native apps use Objective-C language that supports dynamic messaging contributing to fast run time.

The layered architecture of iOS provides a set of well-defined system interfaces that make it easy to write apps irrespective of the hardware. The higher level framework helps to encapsulate complex features such as sockets and threads.

We have skilled and experienced team that develops iOS applications with expertise. Our team has shown exemplary technical skills in identifying and eliminating challenges in iOS application development.

Phone Gap: Ease to create cross-platform applications!

PhoneGap is an open source framework that allows programmers to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs. It extends the features of HTML and Javascript with native plug-ins to add functionality to your application.

We use Phone Gap to create multi-platform solution for your applications using JAVA, CSS3 & HTML5 instead of device specific scripting. We have expertise in developing mobile applications on a wide variety of platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone etc. We know just how to deploy PhoneGap across multiple platforms and to the advantage of your business.