Open Source Technology

Open Source Technology of

Kleward has a rich experience in providing applications running on open source software. This platform gives us the freedom to design and develop applications & services as per the business and customer flexibility.

Magento – Get the best features for your e-commerce site!

Our technical team uses Magento framework seamlessly in building e-commerce sites that work on smartphones, tablets and laptops effortlessly. It is flexible and gives feature-rich solutions that address a wide range of business sizes, needs and budgets. We give our customers a superior experience by connecting their infrastructure and extending & enhancing related applications for their e-commerce operations.


We have delivered some of the best suited complex, advanced and versatile sites by using Drupal. We have developed Drupal services for sites that require complex data organization either for community platform sites with multiple users or for online stores. We can give your website an extra-ordinary experience with Drupal while almost a million websites are already running on it.


Kleward offers middle ground between the developer-oriented and user-friendly extensive capabilities of Drupal. We can make your enterprise applications extremely customizable and adaptable to perform the best in community platform, with strong social networking features. If you too are turning to Joomla, then we can give you highly adaptable and flexible solution that will serve all your business requirements to incredible capacity.


WordPress began as an innovative, easy-to-use blogging platform. We, at Kleward have been providing the best of repertoire of themes, plugins and widgets. We are well acquainted with tools and features of WordPress that will strongly establish your web presence. If you are exploring alternatives for a blogging business website, then WordPress is the right choice and Kleward is the correct place.