AAMC Training Group

We have been dealing with Kleward for the past 4 years and have found them to be innovative, supportive and responsive to our needs in assisting us to grow and develop AAMC Training Groups web site to allow us to compete in the global education market. They have adapted their business model to ensure are requests are auctioned within a timely manner and have also put in place contact details should we suffer any issues outside their normal trading hours. Sound management team and supportive team members that are assisting us to achieve or dream of global distribution.

Jeff Mazzini, MD, AAMC


It has been a great experience working with Kleward. The team is very enthusiastic and I really appreciate their timely delivery of quality product. The cornerstone of this partnership is their transparency throughout the project development and delivery. They always have good unique solutions to any technology requirement. We are glad to have collaborated with them and look forward to a continual relationship.

Shashank Saksena, Head- Digital, Aircel


Being one of the fastest growing travel technology platform in the country, our needs and requirements change very frequently. We needed a team who can think differently and make scalable and stable platforms which can handle enormous traffic. And Kleward has been the right company to build this for us. They have also launched our solutions on mobile platforms like android which is world-class. I think this partnership is here for long and together we will be launching lots of products that can change the travel ecosystem globally.

Prashant Chauhan, COO, MGH


The Kleward design team developed a website for our business, which is unique and flexible with detailed functionality, and state-of-the-art technology that is not common on the web. Their step-by-step process of taking our concepts and converting them into functionality allows our business to be the front-runner in our field of business. With due credit to the talent and expertise of Kleward team, we never had to employ IT consultants or IT managers. They completely handled it all so positively that we can focus on our business and do not get bothered by IT issues.

Uriah McAlhany, MD, GameTek Global


It was our aspiration to reach the employees weary after an exhausted morning session of bugs and client discontent or the employees rejuvenated after a PM appraisal when all were equally looking forward to a delicious and home-cooked appetite. Kleward came forward with an amazing and cool interface that was so easy and instant. We have had a wonderful association with Kleward throughout the entire development process. We are extremely gratified with their innovative and quality approach where all the team members take moral responsibility to meet the deadlines.

Mumtaz, CEO, HB


Kleward has been an integral part of Chhabra555’s online store journey. Starting from the ideation, launch and maintenance, the entire team has been supportive and innovative to make the product better. Working with Kleward has been a great experience and we look forward to a long and fruitful association in the forthcoming years.

Asheeta Chhabra, Head – Business Development


Kleward has done great work for our company.  They always deliver a quality product on time. Thank you for providing us with such great service!

Candi BoyerSenior Interactive Producer

This was a very complex and demanding project. Kleward stepped up and went the extra mile to maintain the project. We hired Kleward to be our development partner, not just a coding team and they have committed themselves to that partnership time and time again. We have developed a close partnership, and will fully engage Kleward in our future enhancement and upgrade projects.

Len Pozner, Managing Director